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Offenbach Group

Brand development

Growing brands in the fashion jewelry and accessories industry takes exceptional coordination, experience and perseverance, at The Offenbach Group we have more than three decades of experience in just that! We are the trusted partner for many brands

Product portfolio and design

With our team of creative professionals we design the most beautiful lifestyle products. Our products range from fashion jewelry and watches, clothing, footwear but also accessories like handbags and sunglasses. When customers already have an…..

Quality production and efficiency

Our production network is vast and varied with over 50 global production partners each among the best in their own specialization. Quality and speed of delivery are key when operating in the competitive

Corporate responsibility

We are aware that our industry has an impact on society and the environment around us. One of our corporate pillars is that we want to contribute to a sustainable future. We are always striving to communicate and incorporate our core values of…..

Our Brands