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The Offenbach group was established in 1999 and is named after its founder Ron Offenbach who himself has been active in the jewelry and watch business since 1987. He has used his past experiences, know-how, and extensive network to create a company that is both innovative and reactive in today’s fast changing economy. Not only is the Offenbach Group one of the key players in the generic silver jewelry business in the Benelux, the jewelry brand New Bling has crossed the borders and is sold in many other countries as well. Besides the brand New Bling, the company now produces and distributes several other brands; Colori, CO88 Collection, Key Moment, MAX watches, Frank 1967 and Lockits jewelry. Several collections for all brands are launched every year with a focus on trends, affordability and quality.

In order to know more about the different brands and their philosophies you can visit the brand websites or get in touch with the Offenbach Group. With partnerships and or dealerships in over 45 countries we are always looking to expand our network and create new friendships and business relations.